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Case Study



A large It consulting firm was contracted by a large Fortune 100 company to fill its requirement for over 500 IT Personnel, across all its SBUs. These positions were deemed critical as these resources were sorely needed to share the workload of the existing personnel as existing contractor on site was closing out their contract. Due to the nature of the work, all viable candidates had to pass an extensive background check and possess a good driving record.


The customer needed a national staffing partner with a vast network and the ability to rapidly acquire skilled in-demand resources. They knew we had found that capability in Ventures Unlimited Inc., as it had partnered with us on similar projects in the past. After gathering customer’s requirements, we quickly put a plan into action to meet the tight deadline. Our North America footprint allowed our recruiters to locate consultants from across the country and Canada that were qualified and readily available. Due to our established process for obtaining necessary work visas, we were also well-positioned to quickly perform the required background checks.


Our ability to quickly source, screen and onboard all 20% of their needs allowed the customer to meet its deadline and ultimately the needs of its end customer. Furthermore, year after year, technical consultants placed by us at customer locations have been recipients of various employee performance recognitions. Due to the successful execution of this project and superior performance, the customer continues to depend on us for all their fulltime employee needs.

Industries We Serverd

Electronics & High Tech

Information Technology, Telecom , Medical Equipment Technology, Professional Service Firms

Aerospace and Defense

Commercial Manufacturers, Defense Contractors


Original Equipment Makers (OEMs), Automotive Suppliers

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Banks, Financial Services Institutions, State and Private insurers (Health, Property & Casualty)

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State Government, Federal Government, Postal Services , Human Services, Public Safety