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Today, most businesses are challenged to stay in step or ahead of the latest technological trends and competitive developments...

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Enabling business transformation Enterprise applications are the fulcrum of the IT set up in an organization; they are key process enablers vital for business operations...

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Applications drive a company’s business processes but the challenges of supporting heterogeneous application environments are increasing...


Staffing Prime Ltd is specialise in recruiting IT/Telecom/Finance / healthcare professionals and social workers for fulltime/ temporary jobs in the UK &...

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Once the candidates are selected for the required job, they have to be fitted as per the qualifications. Placement is said to be the process of fitting the selected person at the right job or place, i.e. fitting square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. Once he is fitted into the job, he is given the activities he has to perform and also told about his duties. The freshly appointed candidates are then given orientation in order to familiarize and introduce the company to him.



Our goal is to focus on your core business. Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive workforce solutions. Providing you with the right talent at the right time is how it begins. From the law firm to the IT department to the medical facility to the factory, we’ll deliver the skilled professionals you need.

We’ve been putting people to work at businesses of all sizes longer than any company in the world, and we know better than anyone else the types of workforce challenges that businesses face. We’ll work with you to define your needs and solve your specific challenges. Our staffing solutions are designed to help your business maintain efficiency and productivity no matter what workforce issue you meet.